San Francisco 2014 - Shinken Gata

Shinken Gata (真剣形 )
Tantō (短刀)



 This was Kacem's first visit to the San Francisco area to give a seminar. The seminar's focus was to introduce everyone to the primary/original form of the base of the Kihon Happo (基本八法), which can be called Shinken Gata (真剣形) or Jissen Gata (実戦形). Both names, express in different ways the same nature: reality, real,  real fight, pragmatism, realism, serious-ness, etc.  The techniques will focus on the first important technique which is Ichi monji no uchi or ichi-uchi (一文字之撃-一撃). The point here is to finish and control everything in one step and one strike. Same aspect will be demonstrated with omote- gyaku and ura-gyaku. Here again, the rightness, correctness and precision of the form along with flexibility and flow is very crucial.

Buki waza:

Mainly drawing from the first level of Gyokko-Ryū: Including how to handle/hold/attack with the Tantō, beginning with Tsuki.

Hanbō: Will deal with the  application of ichi no uchi  (ichiuchi,ichitachi,ichi no tachi) in Shinken Gata.


Ian Johnson

Ian first joined the Bujinkan in 2001, with a desire to practice traditional Japanese martial arts. He first met Kacem Zoughari in LA in 2009 at the Takagi Yoshin ryu seminar. He attended each of the LA seminars thereafter (and still does) until Kacem was gracious enough to do his first seminar in San Francisco in 2014.