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About Onmitsu Kage

What is Onmitsu Kage?

Welcome to Onmitsu Kage 隠密陰 “The hidden secret, within the shadow”.

Onmitsu Kage is a paid monthly subscription video streaming service featuring world renowned Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu practioner, Dr. Kacem Zoughari. Onmitsu Kage is a single outlet to distribute Japanese martial arts seminars and media. Take your training wherever you go, with unlimited repetition and practice outside of seminars.

Onmitsu Kage also offers paid live seminars to experience teachings the moment they are given. Follow your seminar from home, or wherever you may be watching from.

Our goal at Onmitsu Kage is to bring accessable supplimental training into the homes of  martial arts enthusiasts. While nothing can suppliment personal experience inside the classroom, Onmitsu Kage aims to be the next best thing.

Kacem Zoughari

Dr. Kacem Zoughari is a researcher on Japanese studies and holds a Ph.D. In the history of Japanese classical martial arts from the prestigious INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Civilization and Languages) in Paris. Zoughari is an internationally recognized authority on the Japanese martial arts and is also a licensed instructor of ninjutsu. He conducts seminars in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He is a personal student of Hatsumi Masaaki Sensei and Ishizuka Tetsuji Sensei.

Darryl Ingalls

Darryl Ingalls is a personal student of Dr. Kacem Zoughari, and is partner and Director of Operations of Onmitsu Kage. Darryl has extensive knowledge and experience in the software industry

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