Tai no Kata - Koshi Guruma

This class was filmed on location in L.A. on November 2, 2018.  Kacem started the class with Tai no Kata Koshi Guruma and then worked his way through Muso Dori and Jigoku Otoshi.

Sameer Walavalkar

Sameer has had a life-long fascination with throwing sharp objects. Consequently, in college he promptly joined the only martial art that specifically mentioned this as a subset of its curriculum. Sameer started training in the Bujinkan in 2001 providing him with 13 years of “character building” until he was introduced to Kacem via Justin Raleigh in 2014. Sameer has a PhD in applied physics, lives in Los Angeles and co-hosts Kacem’s February LA seminar with Justin.