Slovenia 2012 Santo Tonko no Kata

It was a very special seminar, that celebrated the 10th anniversary of Kacem visiting and teaching seminars in Slovenia, with the theme of Togakure-ryū (戸隠流) and Naginata (薙刀).  
Togakure-ryū (戸隠流)
The Santo Tonko no Kata (鼠逃遁甲の型)  was taught and explored through the technique of Migi Kata Ude Tonso no Kata (片腕遁走之型) .  Kacem starts with the original version and touches briefly on the Tanren ( 鍛錬) and understanding the Rhythm of the movement.  The densho version is then broken down into the concepts of Hachimonji no Kamae (八文字 ) and Take Ori  (竹折 ) in progressions allowing for better learning and understanding of the technique more fully.
Naginata (薙刀)
The section of Naginata started off with the practice of Kamae and briefly entered a section of teachning Kamae gata .  From there the technique Zengo kiri/Do giri  (前後霧/胴切) was shown in it's original form.  Again Kacem broke down the one technique with a series of smaller techniques and a progression of techniques that emphasized each of the various Kamae.  Once more this was a very nice way to teach and show the real possibility of the densho technique.

Andrej Jasenc

Andrej is a Ninja boom kid, started practicing Martial Arts in 1986 because of Ninjutsu. Official member of Bujinkan since 1992. He met Kacem Zoughari in 2002 in Japan and since than he following his teachings. Andrej was also host of Kacem's first international seminar in 2003.