Slovenia 2010 Gyokko-Ryū Koppojutsu

In this seminar Kacem explores the rarely seen/talked about area of Koppojutsu in  Gyokko-Ryū, which also exists in most Ryū-ha.  Koppojutsu and Koshijutsu long ago use to be taught together hand in hand.  It was during the Edo period in ancient Japan that the two were separated in taught in different schools of thought.    Kacem shows the Koppojutsu through the commonly known vehicles used in the common day Gyokko-Ryū, the Sanshin no kata and the Kihon Happo.  He explores the ideas through the Chi no Kata and also using Omote Gyaku.  


Kosshijutsu, refers to the use of the tip of the weapon, the kisaki, so how to use the tip of the fingers, tip and angle of the bones in order to attack, aim, stop and neutralize, kill and annihilate the enemies attack, mind and fighting spirit. The science of meridian, weak point, body structure, muscles and organs is crucial here).It includes all the different distances, angles, rythme, forms, as well as the sakkatsu-jutsu (殺活術), daken taijutsu (打拳體術) and Hajutsu no hō (破術法).  Historically It is cultivated mainly, with koppojutsu.

Koppōjutsu, refers to the use of every part of the Skeleton as a weapon, the understanding of the Skeleton's bones specificity, angle, shape, to aim, strike, hold, break. Like for kosshijutsu it requires and self cultivation of the body and mind knows as tanren (鍛錬) which refers to body and mind reinforcement  and conditioning based on the specificity of the form ichimonji which include the gokui (極意) Kyōjaku jūgō arubekarazu (強弱柔剛有可不) It is cultivate with weapon as well.

Andrej Jasenc

Andrej is a Ninja boom kid, started practicing Martial Arts in 1986 because of Ninjutsu. Official member of Bujinkan since 1992. He met Kacem Zoughari in 2002 in Japan and since than he following his teachings. Andrej was also host of Kacem's first international seminar in 2003.