Slovenia '05 Kukishin-ryū & Bōjutsu

The theme of the seminar:
Kukishinden-ryū dakentaijutsu (九鬼神伝流打拳體術),Bōjutsu (棒術)Taijutsu (体術)):
The theme of this seminar was to study the way, forms, strike and foot work of the Kukishinden-ryū.  Kacem had shown and discussed the techniques from the Shoden Gata: Seion (生音), Yume-otoshi (夢落), Suiyoku (水翼), just to name a few. The important thing to remember is to not only mimic closely the densho's description of understanding the flow. But, also to study the understanding of the proper use of biomechanics for each waza, in order to fully see the daken taijutsu used in close range with armor.Buki waza (武器技):Here we cover Bōjutsu from Kukishinden Ryu KihonGata, which deals with the following techniques: jōdan ukemi (上段受身), ashi-barai (足払), shihō bōfuri-gata (四方棒振型) and men uchi gata (面撃型). The important thing here is to first know how to use the right and correct kamae, then the right angle for jōdan ukemi, and finally the right order for men uchigata.

Andrej Jasenc

Andrej is a Ninja boom kid, started practicing Martial Arts in 1986 because of Ninjutsu. Official member of Bujinkan since 1992. He met Kacem Zoughari in 2002 in Japan and since than he following his teachings. Andrej was also host of Kacem's first international seminar in 2003.