SFR Daken Taijutsu Ikken Hasso

Theme: Shinden fudō-ryū daken taijutsu (神伝不動流打拳體術), Gyokko-ryū hanbō-jutsu (半棒術), Tōhō (刀法)

There are two major points that are covered in the  seminar:
The first point covers the beginning of techniques of the section called Ten no kata (天の型).  Ten no kata includes the the aspect of shinden fudō-ryū's art of striking named Ikken hassō (一拳八相). The main point here, like always, is to try to practice and utilize the form, the flow, the precision of each  details  as correctly as possible as it presented in the densho (伝書). Then gradually start to emphasize the application of the various strikes  of the Ikken hassō.
The second point, the studies of hanbo-Jutsu and  Tōhō.
The techniques covered in the seminar come from the Gyokko Ryu.  While the practiioner studies/practices hanbojutsu keep in mind that one important key is to measure the distance and the correct positioning in order to strike precisely.
For the techniques in Tōhō' , the importance is to focus on the balance and rhythm, in synchronization and measuring of the distance according the right and correct angle.