Paris seminar 2016

The Paris summer seminars have become an annual tradition for Kacem.  Although he currently lives in Japan, he still puts on this event once a  year.


The intentions of the series of Paris seminars are to apply and learn how to pass from different weapon with just on unique basic form or movement. In this way, we stick and follow correctly what the densho explain and the spirit as well as the process of practice of older master which include of course Toda Sensei, Takamatsu Sensei and Hatsumi Sensei


To learn to move from weapon to weapon, freely with no unnecessary force, move, form, be open and flexible and at the same realize the limit and the danger offered by the specificity of each weapon, allow us to realize the depth and the complexity of the science and the transmission inside the 9 ryu- ha. Kacem feels that it is very important because this is the way he had received the transmission.  This is also how he read, studied, learned and analyzed both, the densho's explanations and his master's movements.


During the course of the two days, we fellow each level of the 9 ryu, shōden, chūden and okuden. We try to materialize the various gokui and ôgi of each ryu through the various technique. It should help us to realize how this art is deep and how much we should never stop to cultivate humbleness and the patience. The key of any kind of body and mind's health, peace, human relation.


Topics covered in each seminar:


Jojutsu 杖術

Kenjutsu 剣術

Kodachi  小太刀

Naginata 薙刀

Iai 居合

Jojutsu 杖術

Jutte 十手

Nawajutsu 縄術