Seminar - Margate 2009 Koto Ryū

In this seminar Kacem was sharing his knowledge in Kukishin Ryu Jojutsu and Koto Ryu Shoden level. Kacem explores a few of the techniques in the shoden level. Not all were covered because Kacem doesn't believe in rushing through all the techniques in detail. He is thorough and shows many variations of things and makes sure that the participants can walk away with an actual understanding of the material.
For the Kukishin Ryu Jojutsu, Kacem explores the many sub techniques, components, principles and ideas that are housed, in the first technique of Jumonji. He covers many ideas and concepts and shares them with the participants of the seminar. He explores in great detail the idea of Ihen no kamae with many different variations and explanations.
This seminar is indeed full of some very important concepts and gems of wisdom for every person studying not only the Bujinkan arts but Martial arts in general.