Gyokko Ryu Geryaku no maki/Bojutsu/Iai

In this seminar Kacem demonstrates Shun U from Gyokko Ryu's Geryaku no Maki for only the 2nd time ever. Kacem will demonstrate Shun U and a few different versions of this technique.  Explaining the idea of Hayabusa(falcon) that can be read as the first Kanji to Shun U.  He will demonstrate the Falcon like movement while employing Shun U.

He also explores Yoko Gedan Batten Nuki and Ritsu za from Iaijutsu.  It is commonly misunderstood that the Ryu-ha from the Bujinkan has no Iaijutsu with in it.  As Kacem explains and demonstrates with just a couple from this seminar that this is a false belief.  Also, he discusses that just the fact that having the techniques in Geryaku no maki shows evidence that there is Iai as well.

And Last but certainly not least he will demonstrate a bojutsu technique called, "Koku".   Within this technique he will discuss the proper way of attacking with a kanatana that drives the bojutsu practioner to move as they should in the technique.   Kacem covers many variations of this technique expertly and gives many pieces of valuable information.  More will be added over the next coupe of days.