Australia Seminar - Gyokko Ryu, Bojutsu Basics, and Toujutsu

There was an error in transferring to the Server so about 7 clips were in error.  We will be uploading them throughout the day 04/30/2018-05/01/2018 as we fix them.  But in the meantime we decided to release what was available.

Kacem returns to Australia to share his knowledge of the first few techniques in the Gyokko Ryu Jo Ryuaku no Maki.   Kacem also continues sharing his knowledge on bojutsu and toujutsu where he has left off in prior seminars there.   

Topics Covered:

Gyokko Ryu

  • Koku


  • Menuchi Gata

Graham (Gray) Anderson

Hi Onmitsu Kage friends

My name is Gray, and I have practiced Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu since 2000.
I first met Dr Kacem Zoughari in October 2012, and he forever changed my life.
I highly recommend the serious practitioner dive head first into what Kacem has to offer, it will change your life. We have a small dojo in Brisbane and Newcastle Australia, called the Bujinkan Seichusen Dojo and we welcome all those who wish to practice.

Thank you

Gray Anderson