Australia April 2015 Gyokko Ryu Shinken Gata

Shinken Gata (真剣形 )Hanbō(半棒) Tantō (短刀)
This was Kacem's first visit to Australia to deliver a seminar and share his knowledge and experience. The seminar's focus was to introduce everyone to the primary/original form of the base of the Kihon Happo (基本八法), which can be called Shinken Gata (真剣形) or Jissen Gata (実戦形). Both names, express in different ways the same nature: reality, real,  real fight, pragmatism, realism, serious-ness, etc.  The techniques will focus on the first important technique which is Ichi monji no uchi or ichi-uchi (一文字之撃-一撃). The point here is to finish and control everything in one step and one strike. Same aspect will be demonstrated with omote- gyaku and ura-gyaku. Here again, the rightness, correctness and precision of the form along with flexibility and flow is very crucial.
Buki waza:
Mainly drawing from the first level of Gyokko-Ryū: Including how to handle/hold/attack with the Tantō, beginning with Tsuki.
Hanbō: Will deal with the  application of ichi no uchi  (ichiuchi,ichitachi,ichi no tachi) in Shinken Gata.