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Issue 1




In less than one months’ time Onmitsu Kage, LLC will be live for one whole year.  We have learned a great many things in that year about the streaming business.  We also realize that as we learn the basics of the business and subscriber relationships that we have a long way to go to be remotely satisfied.  As we grow and learn the basics it is not missed by us how this is just like the practice that we all dearly love.  We always have to learn from the bottom and build and strengthen our basics.  Even as we grow in the practice and in our efforts to stream we realize we will always be focusing on the basics.
What are the basics for us as Onmitsu Kage? Well first and foremost for us is staying true to the art and portraying the art as true as we can.  We do not assume or presume to think through our offering that we can say people can master this from our videos alone.  We simply are a study tool for others to glean from or spark ideas in their own training. So also in staying true to the art we try to bring to the best of our ability the best knowledge from Dr.Kacem Zoughari.

The next important basic for us is YOU the subscriber.  While our own training and practice is very important to us.  We try to be honest and as genuine with you as possible.  We also try to offer complete and sometimes painstaking customer support and interaction.  I say painstaking because simply it is just that.  But, we believe as subscribers you do deserve nothing but that.  Always the best of what we have.  You are trusting in us to a large degree to deliver a great product. We will not disrespect or take for granted that trust and will always strive to earn it.

Our third basic is that we are always trying to think outside the box and offer more and more to our subscribers.  But, also we listen to our subscribers and have many times made changes and offers based on your comments and feedback.  We believe we can grow together on this path.

To the above point anytime you wish to make a comment, suggestion or criticism please contact us at or on our FB page.

So with all the above said THANK YOU.


We intend to use this as a main vehicle to keep you informed on what is happening or will happen with Onmitsu Kage throughout our existence. We will be releasing an article or two written by Dr. Kacem Zoughari on various things.  To start with at the end of the newsletter we will start our premiere issue off with “Something Called Tanren”, which Kacem will be exploring through many mini articles the historical aspects of Tanren.  He will then be getting into the modern idea of Tanren and various different possibilities and ideas to employ Tanren into your practice.


In the coming months we will have a lot of upgrades and cool things planned for Onmitsu Kage. The biggest thing that will be happening is we will be switching to a new hosting platform. Our ceiling in the other platform was quickly being reached. In this new one, we are being offered features and stability that were not being offered in the previous platform. Also with this new platform it will be much more within our reach to realize some of the comments or suggestions of features that are being brought to our attention. 

So with that we want to thank all those that do take the time to send in their requests for new features and upgrades. Also, we want to deeply thank those that have offered their precious time and knowledge in assisting us in our endeavors to keep making Onmitsu Kage better and better. You know who you are. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

We will lay out some of the really nice things that you will see when we switch as well as some things we are working on for 2017. In switching to the new platform we will need to bring down the site for about 2 or 3 days for maintenance and other network related work. We will be posting on Facebook often when this happens to keep you in the loop.

So let’s get into what you will see soon, some of which you’ve already or should already have noticed.
  • Email notifications when new programs are available. No longer will you have to go and check the site. There will still be a “New Arrivals” section for you to check if you would still like to
  • Multiple currency presentments in your local currency
  • Will not support the following packages: “Class Only” and “Seminar Only”.  Only “Full Access” will be supported
  • Dropping price to $22.00 and only one fee and one package.  This will be the last time we drop the price any lower - Already Done
  • In 2017 we intend to try beta testing live streaming of Japan classes and some seminars. This will be at additional costs like Pay-Per-View
  • We are going to be supporting blog posts will which allow us to also notify you of things such as seminars, new video arrivals, these newsletters and various other topics
  • Offering preview features on every video
  • New look and feel with cleaner headers and menus.
  • Facebook enabled sign in
  • Social media support and ability to tweet
  • video ratings
  • Allowing users to leave comments for each video.
  • Show Host/Instructor for each video. And chapters are presented in episode format
  • Multiple Language support. We will come out of the box with; English, Italian, German, Czech, Portuguese, French and Spanish. More and more to come in the future
  • Better Searching mechanisms and a New Filtering mechanism. You can now filter videos on multiple key words
Some of the things that will no longer be supported when we transfer to the new platform will be the following:
  • Mobile App in the short term will no longer be supported. We know this might affect many of you. We feel that the new platform offers better and more reliable design for outstanding playback on the mobile browser. This should be fairly sufficient until we can build up a new Mobile App for the new platform
  • Bookmarks or Favorites will also not be supported in the short term.  Again with better searching and filtering this should be less of an issue until we can build it back in
So all in all, we have a lot of new exciting things coming very soon. It is our goal that each year we keep exploring and pushing higher and higher. With all this happening we intend to also get more and more videos up and going. We are also discussing new ways to represent the practice in different ways to help be more of a benefit to everyone. So be on the lookout for what’s coming over the next year.


In the Japanese culture, all the different disciplines, arts, etc. where the body represent the central axis, there is a large technical lexicon which expresses the multiple dimensions of the practice, the exercise, the training. For example, words composed of two kanji like Keikō (稽古), Shugyō (修行), Shugyo (修業), Renshū (練習;練修), Shūren (修練;習練),  etc., from those words,  there is of course various verbs to express different aspects of the practice. the oldest one we can find is Tanren (鍛錬), in a Inka (印可), attestation of transmission, written in 1565 by Kamiizumi Ise no kami Nobutsuna (1508-1582) the founder of Shinkage-ryū (新陰流). In this document, in order to express the process of his solo practice, he used the following kanji nichiya kufū tanren (日夜工夫鍛錬)

Nichiya means: day and night. Kufū means: devices, invention, resources. Finally, Tanren, is composed of two kanji: tan (鍛), with the reading « kitaeru » it means: forge, train shape, discipline. Ren (錬), with the reading « neri » the idea behind this kanji refers to the process to forge, to give shape, to transform, etc. So this word, Tanren, refers to the action of discipline, forge, shape with the extreme idea to reinforce, to condition, the body and mind. Hidetsuna, like all the founders of the primary Japanese classical ryūha, high class bushi, monk, priest, scholars, explained by those kanji that his Tanren was done night and day and in order to do it, he searched, explored, applied any kind of resources, ways, inventions, in order to materialize and express through his body movement the highest skill of the art that he named, Kage (陰/影) the shade, the shadow or the aspect of hide the movement and the technic. In the history of Japan’s classical Bujutsu(武術), Hidetsuna was known as a high rank bushi. He was highly educated and deeply versed in all the aspect of Heihō (兵法), or Hyōho (兵法) military techniques and tactics, warfare, strategies, information spying, large and small scale combat techniques, various weapons, etc., he had also the experience of battle field and combat to the death of his enemy.

In order to give the most complete definition of the word Tanren and to cover all the various dimensions that it represents, it is important to first have a precise idea of the historical context behind the word and to what is his nature. Like for any waza, fighting and method of combat, it is important to understand the history and the context as well as the reasons, the logic behind it. How and why it evaluates or change? who did it and for which reason? How accurate is it and can we use or apply it today’s world? And in which case, etc.? because of the huge work and the importance of this word and his importance in the practice of the nine ryūha, I have decided to explain it in the next following issues. In this way, we will be able to cover the various dimensions of this word and give enough information, examples, story, all connected with the Transmission, the Den (伝), of the nine ryūha, the practice and the formation of Toda Sōke, Takamatsu Sōke and Hatsumi Sōke.

 As an introduction, it is important to explain that the practice and study of the Tanren through the application of the difference waza with and without weapon, include three important dimensions: The Education, the Formation and the Initiation.  So it’s not just a set of exercises that you do for a couple of time in order to shape the body. Its more than that. The Education here is the knowledge that we received in an intellectual way that shaped and built the intelligence. This intelligence will nourish the formation and shine through the attitude, the way to behave. The body and mind’s formation in the art of the nine ryūha, it’s to learn how to reform, to re-learn and un-learn. there is no formation without the aspect of reform, relearn the inside and change the comportment, the way to behave.  Finally, the Initiation is the practical knowledge’s highest level.
Kacem Zoughari

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Date: November 5-6
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Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: November 11-13
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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date: November 19-20
Contact William Ustav
Location: Florence, Italy
Date:  November 26 – 27
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Location:  Newcastle, Australia
Date:  December 3 -4
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In this program we explore Take Ori through the demonstration of:

O toshi
Yo Kuchiku
Seigan no Kamae
Kocho Gaeshi

Gyokko Ryu - Churyaku no Maki

This excellent seminar was filmed in Stockholm, Sweeden in 2010.  This seminar covers Korai/Koraku, Housen, Horaku and Hane Tsurube from the Gyokko Ryu Chu Ryaku no Maki.  Also covered are Goho and some variations of Goho from the Kukishinden Ryu Bojutsu.   Kodachi basics are covered as well.


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